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Performance Marketing Companies are Sharpening the Saw

Performance Marketing companies are sharpening their saws just in time for Affiliate Summit East and LeadsCon.

What the heck does that mean?

Does it mean that they are getting ready to attend Trade Shows in New York, run the gauntlet and take on one of the characters from the movie Warriors like the Baseball Furies. Performance Marketing Furies

Warriors, come out to play-aaaa.Maybe, but outside of running into a few Yankees fans hyped up on Red Bull I doubt it.What it means (to sharpen the Saw) is that Leading companies are taking time out of their busy schedules driving leads and e-commerce to re-tool so that they can have improved efficiency in their future business. In Sales circles it is said many times that you should never be too busy cutting down trees to sharpen your saw. Without reflection, future planning and optimization you’ll soon find yourself out of gas, weaker as a business and in the case of the Baseball Furies, on the wrong side of the bat.

Depending of which Meme you’re looking at, you can find out that Abraham Lincoln once said:
Performance Marketing JOBS

Axe, saw, either way, he’s still talking about making sure you have the best tools in place when trying to accomplish your goals. Work smarter, not harder.

This brings us to optimization side of the equation. What we are seeing from a recruitment standpoint is that the pressure is on for new hires for Business Development professionals, Affiliate Managers and Online Media Buyers. From having enough people to cover the booths and network at the shows to the critical follow up on leads after it, there are now opportunities popping up and down the coast lines with fun stops in Las Vegas and remote spots in between.

Top Employers are showcasing their opportunities in every possible way, enlisting recruiters to source out the best candidates or a combination of both. The posting of positions is a helpful way to create awareness and to attract resumes but


it can also dull your saw as a hiring manager AS it opens the door to an abundance of un-qualified responses. That is the main reason PerformanceMarketingJOBS only posts a small selection of jobs that we’re recruiting for. In addition, it is also why we recommend to our clients that they should be trying to build a Talent Supply Chain for their key positions. If you always have someone networking the value of working at your company then it will be a lot easier to fill positions when you need Talent. When the need is hot, the response to this question: When do you need this person to start? … is always “Yesterday”.

To close open positions with quality candidates you need to be productive instead of busy. Productive means having a sharp saw.

For Employers, they are sharpening their saws right now by proactively trying to optimize their Talent base. In most cases they either need more Talent, need to replace Talent due to them leaving to advance their careers or want better Talent then what they have in place. It all depends on the Employer, the location, the ability to scale their business or the unfortunate lack of ability to scale their business.

Those that just focus on cutting trees will soon find themselves with a dull saw.

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