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You’re Fired. What are you going to do?

You’re Fired. What are you going to do?

We’ve all been there. The terms may be altered or explained in some elegant way like “downsized”, “re-engineered”, “dismissed” or “terminated” but the result is still the same: You HAD a paycheck and now you don’t because “your services are no longer required”.

No matter how it happens or how it is described – they gave me my walking papers, I’m out on my ear, I got my marching orders, I got sacked – it still stings. It’s like the pretty girl saying that she doesn’t want to go out with you anymore. It’s not you, it’s me. Screw you, it’s you, you’re nuts and I was just about to dump you for Marge…but I regress.

One way of handling it is by going on the offense (not with your past Employer) but with the value that you bring to the table….and in a way that showcases that you do have the skills to thrive. In recent news an old friend of mine showcased that to the full extend of social media’s capabilities by releasing a video titled “Why I’m Making My Job Search a Social Media Campaign”. Since it was released FOUR days ago it has 17,000, over 1,000 likes and 170 comments. Lots and lots of encouragement and interest from Employers saying “Let’s talk”. Below is that video. If you are in Social Media AND not currently working for another Employer then take note. Imagine doing this while employed by another company – definitely not recommended.

To read the accompanying article then please visit Tara Hunt here on LinkedIn. It’s definitely worth the read. We’ll keep tabs on Tara and her experiment but I believe it’s a great strategy and whoever partners with her next will benefit greatly.

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