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What is your Plan to be an Exceptional Candidate?

What is your Plan to be an Exceptional Candidate?

“I’ll crush it!, “I know everybody”, “I print money for a living”.

All of these – unfortunately – are statements that candidates make when being interviewed by prospective Employers. As much as finding Talent is a top priority for every organization, interviewing can get quite repetitive and drain resources if not done in a strategic way. Evaluating candidates on a regular basis is like being a judge of American Idol – you start off like Jennifer Lopez all sugar and spice but after hearing the same version of “I’m the Best, you’re going to love Me” 50 times you turn into Harry Connick Jr. and start to break down the technical problems of their delivery pretty quickly.

Performance Marketing How are you judged


At some point either the candidate has to separate themselves from the herd with natural talent or the Employer has to request information or references to confirm which ones are the hidden gems. One way of making sure you move forward with the right superstar is via discussing or asking for a 90 day plan.

I’m not saying that Employers ask for these out of the gate but after you’ve gone past the initial interviews and everyone sees great potential in a candidate then it should be on your mind. The big difference maker I believe is that the candidate should bring this up first and have a 90 day plan outline prepared. One that can be customized and delivered upon request.

If you’ve been in the industry long enough then you know what it takes to make things happen revenue wise. Very few though will actually write it down in an organized fashion though to showcase what they would do from day One, if hired. Of course for each Employer there are some top level factors that need to be taken into account for your new customized 90 day plan, such as:

Internal Systems:
What tracking are they using? What CRM system? If you are familiar with both then you will have a competitive advantage over other candidates. Showcase that advantage.

Best Practices:
If your book of business or revenue history matches that of your new potential Employer then you should highlight that. We’re in a relationship based industry so if you have better relationships with higher spends than what is in place then you’re moving up the candidate value charts.

Incremental Revenue:
At the end of the day every company wants to drive profit volume so if you’re able to leverage a past relationship to bring in a highly sought after Prospect or introduce a new revenue stream then you’ll increase your chances of being hired. The higher the revenue potential, the hire your compensation package should be.

Competitive understanding:
Each Company will have a unique selling point and a small selection of hyper-competitors so if you understand the landscape that is relevant to your new potential Employer then that will definitely increase your value.

After being with a company for over 30 days you should be able to promote your new company and USP with confidence, answer objections and be able to hit some pipeline filling goals like a certain number of scheduled calls per week, face to face meetings, new sign-ups, etc. By announcing in social channels about your new career advancement opportunity and that you are open for business is a great way to pull in past revenue partners. Picking up the phone and arranging face to face meetings is even – and always – better.

It is always important to get feedback from the person that you report to so scheduling feedback meetings ahead of time is best. Every leader wants their employees to be successful so tapping into their expertise (especially at the beginning) is welcomed and essential to success. If you are off course or not adapting to the company’s best practices then you can get back on track quickly.

90 Days:
By this point you should be quite comfortable with internal systems, understand the USP, have documented a history of activities in the CRM and have an understanding of what creates success and what doesn’t within your new Employment environment PLUS had some success. Ask for feedback plus compare with what is working. Being able to build relationships, build trust with key revenue generating partners and trump what has worked in the past will bring you more success than failure.

You will likely be surprised that you can have more success with a few quality partners then you can with tons of tiny partners. Finding out how to land those whales for your new Employer is critical to your success. If you have those relationships then leverage them ASAP as you are likely to ramp up quicker with past partners than with new partners.

At the end of the day you need to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager. They are super busy BUT they have a hiring need AND they need a solution to that. You could be that solution – but it’s your responsibility to pitch your case of why you it’s essential to hire you. “Give me a shot, I’ll kill it” is not a essential reason or a business case of why they should hire you. If you love Marketing then market yourself like you were spending your own money on it.

Invest in yourself – so that others will invest in you.

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