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Performance Marketing Jobs new logo

Performance Marketing Jobs New Logo

Performance Marketing JOBS Logo unveiling

red curtain.

It’s time for a few changes here at PerformanceMarketingJOBS. First we re-launched our site and now we’re changing our logo…all for good reasons.

It’s not too often that companies change their Logo look and feel but when they do, it typically changes slowly over time so that there is brand consistency. Imagine if Mercedes went from their 1902 logo to their 2015 logo over night. People wouldn’t have a clue who was behind the new symbol.
mercedes 1902mercedes 2015.

My personal favorite (current logo wise) is Fiat. A huge improvement over their original design! What the heck is that?
fiat logofiat 1899.

For us here PerformanceMarketingJOBS we didn’t want too drastic of a change but the changes were very important. The first change was necessary because we just were awarded the registered trademark on “Performance Marketing Jobs” – so we now get to use the registration (R) and shut down potential infringements on our newly trademarked name by any means trunk

Kidding, just kidding. We’ll start with C&D letters.

The second reason is that job boards are a commodity based offering and our service is focused on:

  • being available to our clients at all hours
  • providing professional and industry-knowledgeable service to Candidates and Employers
  • Getting Results!


That is why our Tagline is:

Value Your Time. We Do!

With the introduction of online chat to our site we’re going to take our service levels to an even higher level in 2015. You should click on CHAT and check it out.

With the new site, the new trademarked name and the emphasis on providing great assistance to both Candidates and Employers in the Performance space, here is our new logo. We hope you like it and we’re looking forward to servicing our community in 2015 and beyond.
PerformanceMarketingJOBS logo 2015 v3

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