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Operations Manager with Analytical skills

Operations Manager with Analytical skills

Skills (Musts)

  • Experience in running offers in trial continuity space or has a very deep understanding of it (like operations managers that used to work for networks)
  • A deep understanding of all functions and processes in our business model. Not necessarily have done them but have worked with other department leaders to accomplish common goals
  • Somebody that understands all the risks of this business model and knows the grey area of it
  • Candidate must be a leader of people and be able to manage processes, workflows.
  • Wants to work 40 hours plus a week at the bare minimum, Very good work ethic
  • Very good analytical skills, ability to spot bleeding area’s in the business’s
  • Very good excel skills
  • This person doesn’t need to be an Analyst himself but must have an analytical mind, so that he can assign work to analysts and check if their work is correct)
  • Experience with Project Management. Ticket based systems.
  • Somebody that can manage projects/milestones/tasks & resources across different divisions
  • Clear communication, ability to ensure that communication within teams are running smoothly
  • Experience managing data scientists and analysts, providing them logic on reports and data they need to present. Ability to interpret data and make decisions then track results
  • Positive, friendly attitude, High emotional intelligence
  • Detail oriented and methodical
  • Willing to manage the same process’s over and over again to ensure it is running smoothly (not somebody that gets bored and wants a new toy to play with all the time)
  • Somebody that uses project management tools, CRM’s and likes to stay organized
  • Loves split testing new ideas
  • Good understanding of online marketing and technology


Skills (Not Musts but Preferred)

  • Understands everything about Limelight
  • Experience in motivating people by establishing KPI’s, increasing morale and aligning interests
  • IT Orientated, up to date with the latest Technologies and Software Solutions. (Big Plus but not required)



  • Analyzing Bin data and creating bin routing rules based on issuing bank vs Lender routed to to increase the probability of a successful transaction
  • Forecasting cap numbers
  • Ensuring Chargeback ratios stay under thresholds based on lender policy
  • Understands how to Analyze all parts of an offer, spot areas of bleeding and implementing systems, processes and procedures to fix the issues
  • Responsible for getting merchant accounts live (this includes but is not limited to Communicating with resellers and gathering necessary documents, submitting full packages to lenders, ensuring applications and websites are correct and complaint to avoid declines


People with This background can be a good fit

  • People that Ran Mid acquisition departments – they dealt with Signers, lenders, unboarding
  • People that ran Load balancing departments
  • People that ran fulfillment departments – Looked over inventory counts, inventory forecasting needs, placing orders
  • People that ran Customer service departments – analyzed stats, made improvements, tracked how there changes impacted conversions


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