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Do or Do Not – There is No Try in Performance Marketing

Industry Advancement Council

Do or Do Not – There is No Try … in Performance Marketing

Wiser words have never been spoken – and these words apply greatly to the Performance Marketing space. The force is great in those people! Performance Marketing professionals do not TRY to help, they do! You want to improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing program? You want a lower cost per lead or increased e-commerce sales? Well then, you need to call on the force! The Performance Marketing force. OK, Cheesy reference I know…but you get the point so let’s move on to the reason for this post.

To start, I am very excited for the upcoming Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. I think this is the best show of the year – every year – and the timing is perfect as everyone is action oriented, rested and full of hope for the New Year.

2015 was an exceptional year for many companies in our space including PerformanceMarketingJOBS. Surpassing that success will be a great challenge but I believe that all accomplishments should be considered stepping stones to greater heights – so get your business cards ready! If you are not striving to add value and do your best then please move out of the way of those that are. Part of being your best is figuring out ways to help like-minded people accomplish their goals during their journey while you are grinding away on yours. On that front, I’m proud to announce that PerformanceMarketingJOBS has joined the Industry Advancement Council of the Performance Marketing Association!

Performance Marketing Association Industry Advancement Council Member: PerformanceMarketingJOBS

Sounds like a natural fit to me.

Our focus has always been helping OUR industry grow ONE Employer and ONE Candidate at a time and I believe that crosses over well with the goals of this Council.

Having been involved with the PMA for a few years now I know that being a member is highly beneficial. Outside of getting a free ticket to Affiliate Summit (I’m Scottish, you can’t blame me for leading with the free part), there’s constant opportunities to network with industry leaders. Just as important is being able to receive industry updates and growth stats from fellow members and having someone advocate on behalf of our industry. Somebody has to fight the Tax!

Joining this specific council seemed like a natural fit because PerformanceMarketingJOBS has placed a large quantity of Affiliate Managers, BD professionals and Online Media Buyers over the past three years. Getting to understand what motivates people within our industry has been a pleasure of mine and I look forward to helping even more people in 2016 enjoy that “Every day is a Money Day” thrill – and the professional satisfaction you get from it. Once you get bit by that bug you’re sold for life.

Now by being involved with other industry leaders with the same passion and goals I believe there’s a great opportunity to co-create the future growth of the Affiliate / Performance Marketing space. Personally I think what will really drive the growth of our Industry is the Talent within it. Now comes the fun part of showcasing what is great about the Performance Marketing space to those that either want to improve or get involved.
Industry Advancement Council

At Affiliate Summit 2016 I will be meeting with fellow council members to discuss 2016 initiatives plus getting the opportunity to represent the PMA during the Meet Market on Sunday, January, 10th. If you are at the Meet Market from 12-1 then please drop by Booth 401 to say hello. I also encourage you to check out membership options at the PMA here.

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