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Business Development – Digital Advertising & Technology

Business Development – Digital Advertising and Technology

Company: Ad.Manager

Ad.Manager is in the digital advertising and tech startup spaces. These are two rapidly expanding and ever changing industries. They are fantastic for people that thrive on and drive change, and embrace personal/professional growth and development as a lifestyle.

We are innovators at heart, and seek to create the most disruptive technologies possible to present the most useful systems and tools to the Internet. We are excited about what we build and how that enhances other people’s lives.

It is important (actually, essential) that all new team members are aligned with our mission, vision and core values. And inline with our value of sharing, we publish these publicly:

Our Mission:
• Decentralize, democratize and streamline digital media and technology. Invest in people and build tribes; remove waste and make things faster.

Our Vision:
• Vision 1: Create the most exponential organization on the planet
• Vision 2: Bring transparency and simplicity to buying and selling digital advertising.
• Vision 3: Biggest digital advertising company in the world.
• Vision 4: Be the biggest tribe of tribes.
• Vision 5: Best partner experience in the world.
• Vision 6: Best place to work in the world.
• Vision 7: Most innovative digital technology company in the world.
• Vision 8: Most enabling/empowering company for startups and causes.

Our Core Values:

• Amaze Everyone. Fully engage, and over deliver value.
• Think People First. Relationships first, business second.
• Be Humble. Ask questions; seek first to understand.
• Be Honest and Transparent. Be authentic, open and fair.
• Share. Share your work and knowledge to increase value.
• Be Quick and Agile. Pursue growth and learning; iterate fast.
• Be Resourceful. Do more with less, and find solutions.
• Attention to Detail. Ensure accuracy; create clarity.
• Move the Needle. Deliver incremental, measurable results.
• Be Free. Question “authority”; seek wisdom and clarity.

The Opportunity
As a tech savvy ad network and marketplace with industry strategic partnerships, we simply have what people want. We have regular daily sign-ups – both advertisers (buyers) and publishers (sellers) – and a huge list of connections in an ever-growing network. Much of this is shared directing with our business developers for them to leverage.

Because we have great products, we mostly need to just deepen existing relationships and provide a great experience. A business developer’s objective is to discover opportunities and sketch an action plan for each partnership, as well as to locate new potential partners in parallel.

We have built countless proprietary tools that significantly increase yields for publishers, making business development much easier (you can see many here: Our deep industry knowledge and past performance reputation also simplify business development.

We have really smart people and very cool systems, tools and technologies to help you manage business development. This is definitely a work hard, play hard role. In this fast moving environment, high availability is simply a requirement. Face-to-face meetings (local, and abroad at events) are also essential. It’s important that you enjoy the work, and it’s imperative that you’re committed to the role, as effort and attention required is large.

Some of the key responsibilities are:

• Interface with the ad network
• Connect with existing partners
• Search for and recruit new partners
• Sketch and mobilize action plans
• Constant follow-up to ensure objectives are met

Some of the key traits are:

• Hard working
• Resourceful
• Empathetic
• Available
• Insatiable learner
• Attentive to details
• Customer experience mindset

Location – Toronto

Everyone at Ad.Manager is aligned with the vision, and we are all absolutely dedicated to achieving our mission. Only people that are fully committed to that journey and adventure will flourish here. If you believe that you are proficient in and passionate about business development, and in full alignment with our mission, vision and core values, please apply here.

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