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Battle of the Tchotchke – Affiliate Summit’s Top Performers

Battle of the Tchotchke – Affiliate Summit’s Top Performers


Attention, attention, attention. When you visit trade shows like Affiliate Summit there is always the opportunity “to walk the floor”. I’m not talking about testing out your new shoes here, I’m talking about walking up and down the Exhibitor Hall aisles and networking with vendors. During the vast majority of shows there are normally designated hours where attendees can visit the Exhibitor Hall, “walk the floor” and talk to vendors. Vendors on the flip side are there with their tables, booths, smiley faces and in most cases Tchotchkes (pronounced CH├ĄCH-key) or giveaways to try to create awareness of their offerings, win the attention of the passer by and hopefully make connections so that they have acquire new potential customers, additional traffic sources, etc. The starting point is gaining someone’s attention and Tchotchkes or giveaways is a great way to do that. Years ago “Booth babes” were used as a main source of grabbing attention – but we’ve progressed quite a bit since then.

Having been to a ton of shows myself I can attest that getting the attention of your potential customer is a bit of an art form. So much so that I decided to analyze the giveaways and see who really took things to a new level this year. Please note that the voting of the top Tchotchkes was a fun process done by myself and then top choices were thoroughly vetted by my kids – who love to see what Tchotchkes I’ve brought home for them from each show.

To start the evaluation, I looked at all kinds of giveaways at the show, took photos, talked to vendors and acquired some – for judging purposes of course. The ones that I appreciated the most went above the call of duty in my opinion. As you likely saw at the show there was the usual (and appreciated) giveaways of pens, hand sanitizers, breath mints and notepads. Below is a collection of the top performers in my opinion. I look forward to getting your feedback. Congratulations to those that made the cut. Please note for future shows, please produce more XL sized t-shirts as chubby people like t-shirts too.

To start out, I will include this one as a non-Tchotchke but still funny so worth a mention.

Fake Contest

I don’t understand the wrist band giveaway but phone charges are always appreciated.


Stuffed animals are always a hit with the kids so kudos to you. ShareaSale has gone great stuffed animal giveaways in the past but I didn’t see any this year.
Multi charge chords were appreciated, not by this non-iphone user but definitely by the kids who argue about which charger is theirs.
Yummy and functionalI can’t explain to you how good these cookies were – especially for a quick breakfast before going back to the show. If you’re having cookies for breakfast in Las Vegas then yes you’re doing the show right.

Ear buds and t-shirts, sounds perfect to me.

Who doesn’t want to win CASH in Las Vegas?

Runner’s Up

Diablo Media with their Apple Watch giveaway AND

Monster Ads Black on Black. Strong hat, subtle brand messaging.

Co-Winners- Madrivo Media AND Affiliate Ball

My favorite Tchotchke out of Madrivo’s multiple choices was the Phone Fan. You plug it into your phone and you have an instant Fan for those hot conference floor days! Very cool and it was definitely an out of the box Tchotchke!

My other co-Winner is the Gold and Black Affiliate Ball hat. Maybe I have something for Black and Gold logos but picking up this hat was almost as good as picking up an AFFY award.

Which Tchotchkes got your attention at Affiliate Summit West?
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