The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Every day is a Money Day in our industry! We are surrounded by tons of opportunities, we have motivation to climb mountains….but we have limited time to do everything that we want to accomplish. As Gary Vaynerchuk would say – stop f’ing watching Lost. You want to be successful, put in the work, put in the hustle. To a grand extend I do believe in that but it’s a bit more complicated than just “grindin”. You can put in 14 hours a day but if they weren’t strategic then you will see very little results.

For the folks with ADHD please proceed to the video below. Not joking, I understand the pain. At one point, I had my own leather harness as a kid for when it was time to go to the mall.

OK, back to the program:

When we look around us (especially in social channels) we see lots of examples of successful people – most are only getting by and putting up “highlight” pictures of success, some are fake (yes we know that car you’re leaning on isn’t yours) but for some, they are definitely killing it and making millions. For the elite – if they are not making millions then they definitely prefer counting money through a machine.
the 7 habits of highly effective people

How do they do it? How will you get there? Is that even a place you ever want to go?

No matter where you are and what you envision as success, you need to fully understand what makes you happy and then focus on EFFICIENTLY getting there and staying in that happy place.
the 7 habits of highly effective people

What’s that old saying about “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”? I prefer to say find your passion. Right now I put in crazy hours but what I “work on” is my passion, so it’s all good in the neighborhood in that department. The bags under my eyes are well earned but I’m grateful for everything around me – yes even the 11 year old minivan with captain chairs and 13 cup holders! Boo-ya! I don’t have toys, my kids have toys.

If I do have free time outside of my family life then I spend it on your passion – which is helping people.

Before being successful though in my passion I first had to figure out how to make a living from it so that I could remain in my happy place. Let’s not kid ourselves – especially if your have kids – money is critical AND bills are a BIG reminder of that. Money can’t buy you love – but it sure does make life easier!

The key to most people’s “success” is a unique mix of personal drive, subject matter knowledge, support from others, mentors, hustle and a mix of helpful reminders of how to build a better mouse trap. If you work strategically and efficiently towards your passion then you will have better opportunities to be successful. For me, some of those reminders can be found in books. If you are looking to inspiration then I would highly recommend The Shoemoney Story by Jeremy Schoemaker, another is a book that PerformanceMarketingJOBS was interviewed for – The Cowbell Principle by Brian Carter and Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I encourage you to visit each and watch the video below.

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