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10 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

10 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

Are you a TGIM type of person or a triple snooze type of person on Monday mornings? For most, this is how they feel come Monday morning:
A case of the Mondays

Whether you slept a ton on the weekend or enjoyed yourself a BIT too much sometimes Mondays can be hard. You’ve had 48 hours to do whatever you wanted, now it’s Monday and like Bruce Buffer of the UFC would say….IT’S TIME!

You need to get up, get out and get moving. For some, that means that you may be tempted to pour red bull in your cheerios to find the motivation to tackle your Monday. For others (the minority) it’s super easy, they’re motivated, perky even and ready to go. One of the common things that contribute to the Monday blues is anxiety – whether they are challenges that you either anticipate popping up out of nowhere at work or ones you know are 100% waiting for you at your desk.

Whether you have a long list of tasks floating around in your head, a stressful relationship at work to deal with or you just don’t enjoy your work anymore, you still need to deal with Mondays. Here’s a helping hand:

Top 10 strategies for making Monday more enjoyable.

1. Be organized:

Nothing creates more stress than feeling un-organized or rushed. If you have a ton of moving parts waiting for you on Monday then take 15 minutes on Sunday to organize your thoughts and your plan of action. Find yourself a nice relaxing spot, make yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee and slowly right down everything in play and prioritize what will be worked on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Monday will be easier to handle if you know ahead of time of what to work on first.

2. Be prepared:

Pick out your clothes ahead of time and make sure you have lots of choices when choosing. Nothing is worst then trying to find a shirt you like Monday morning, finding it – YES!! – seeing that it’s wrinkled – no problem, I’ll iron it – and boom discovering it has a stain on it. Ozzy concert shirt it is. Happy Monday boss, rock on!

3. Make time for breakfast:

Lots of people try to get 10 minutes of extra sleep instead of getting up, feeding the body and supplying it with fuel. If you skip breakfast then you’re sure to crash mid-morning and stuck in the Monday blues.

4. Exercise:

Being someone that has to be in front of a computer 10-12 hours a day I know that getting the blood moving via exercise – even a longer walk – is a great way to feel energized. If you can get in a few extra blocks of walking on the way to work then make that part of your routine. If you work from home then schedule exercise into your day.

5. Music:

Consider your journey to work your introduction into the game. What are you going to make your motivation music. Welcome to the Jungle.

6. Set time limits:

When you get started, give yourself a short term goal on a few items on your to-do list and push hard to make those times.

7. Focus on Positives:

Whether that it completing a project, moving a task to a new level or planning a lunch with a friend or something enjoyable after work it pays to have something on the calendar that you can thoroughly enjoy.

8. Communicate:

It’s so easy to go back and forth with colleagues via email or instant messages but sometimes it creates work landmines and causes stress. Avoid misinterpretation of your messages by making it a regular practice to speak with people face to face or via phone instead of using email.

9. Avoid Complaining:

If you complain about a problem instead of focusing on a solution then you are sure to not only be stuck in the Monday blues but also upset your colleagues. Nobody likes to be around negative people so be solutions focused and work with your colleagues or boss towards a positive goal.

10. Sour work environment:

If you’ve decided that you are experiencing the Monday blues mainly because you don’t enjoy working at your company anymore then IT’S TIME to take some action. According to Bloomberg that time is 11 am on Monday. According to data supplied by and, Workers aren’t confining job searches to their off hours. For both sites, U.S. searches peak on Mondays around 11 a.m. – and that lots of traffic is coming from office computers.

Whether you’re looking to add a boost to your Monday or ignite your passion at a new company we hope you enjoyed these tips. Please LIKE and SHARE so that you can create a positive working environment and help friends and colleagues avoid the Monday Blues.

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